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Sherilyn Fletcher is a mother, author, entrepreneur, pastor, and the founder of The Children's Bread Outreach Ministry. Geared towards upcoming Christians in the body of Christ. When asked why was the program started she responded "there was a lack of teaching in some modern churches today" resulting in unnecessary trial and error. Through the Children's Bread lives are continuously being changed as Jesus said "to make disciples" out of people. Through baptism and initiatives. She has an indestructible belief that everyone has a gift that can be cultivated or the kingdom of God. She believes that the youth are indeed the future and that these programs can aid against uprising issues among society's youth including teen pregnancy, drug abuse, etc. 'The goal is to equip as many people into finding their purpose" she stated. The goal is to help and solve everyday issues such as family togetherness and marital problems through the word of Christ. She is driven on a daily basis by her passion for people and most importantly the Holy Spirit. God Bless!

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Healing & Deliverance is the Children's Bread

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